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icon_download 下載檔案 - Spin MOSFETs as a Basis for Spintronics.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - Spin-Transistor Electronics An Overview and Outlook.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - Write operation of spin-based MOSFET using highly spin-polarized ferromagnetMgO tunnel barrier for reconfiNRgurable logic devices.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - HR_[11] benchmarking_spintronic_logic_devices_based_on_magnetoelectric_oxides.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - HR_Clocked Domain Wall Logic Using Magnetoelectric Effects.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - HR_[10] D. E. Nikonov and I. A. Young, ``Benchmarking of beyond-CMOS exploratory devices for logic integrated circuits,''.pdf
icon_download 下載檔案 - NR_[4] J. Kim et al., ``Spin-based computing_Device concepts, current status, and a case study on a high-performance microprocessor,''.pdf