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My Year as an International Student at NTU
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My Taiwan Dream

博二 Cuong Hoang
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My Taiwan Dream

文、圖◎博二 Cuong Hoang

█ Receiving CTCI Scholarship.

That was 3 years ago and moving to Taiwan, the best decision I have ever made in my life in pursuing my further education and discovering this mysterious island. To know how everything started, we should go back to the time that the story started. I first started thinking about studying abroad and going on a worldwide adventure in the beginning of 2014. At the momentous time, graduating from university, I was on track for a promising career in R&D Department of Canon Vietnam co. ltd, but eventually I was bored with what I was doing and was looking for something more exciting and interesting. Study aboard is the opportunity to see the world. This made me think about where to study, I did a lot of research and Taiwan quickly came to my mind as a promised land.

Taiwan is the top choice
I remember I performed an investigation based on a list of the criteria that included: English friendly environment, high quality educational opportunities, strong reputation in the field of technological education, available scholarship, reasonable and affordable tuition, a country with rich and colorful culture, democratic and safe environment, and geographic beauty. Hence, after careful research, Taiwan emerged as the top choice. From that time on, I harbored the dream of studying aboard in Taiwan. Fortunately, soon after this, I won National Taipei University of Technology scholarship to become as a master student of Graduate Institute of Automation Technology by September of 2014. The passion in science and technology starts here.

█ Winning Robot Competition with labmates.

More learning and more love
I am lucky that I have gotten the unique chance to master in Machine Vision under my advisor. The excellent facilities, courses and faculty have given me a sound background of the fundamentals in Precision metrology and Machine Vision. Having been exposed to the various facets of automated optical inspection (AOI) in the courses at NTUT and extra classes at National Taiwan University (NTU), I have found intelligent Machine Vision for precision metrology most interesting. The more I learn and research, the more I love to discover the mysteries of machine vision. Thus, I have engaged with many theories and experiments. I find AOI most appealing because of importance together with its unlimited applications to industrial automation, remote sensing, and image and data storage for transmission in precision machinery, medical imaging, acoustic imaging, and forensic sciences and so on. I am fascinated with the enormous potential for research in these areas which revealed to me in.
After graduated from NTUT, with strong motivation and determination to mature our research, my immediate objective is to work towards a Ph.D. in precision metrology for intelligent manufacturing. I strongly believe that my research career can only be established on firm foundation through solid education. Having done my undergraduate and master studies at undoubtedly two of the best undergraduate and master universities in Vietnam and Taiwan, I would consider it my privilege to be able to pursue my doctoral study at National Taiwan University and explore excellent infrastructure facilities and research opportunities it has to offer. I am sure that the excellent academic environment and interaction with the distinguished faculty at NTU will prove immensely fruitful and facilitate my development as an independent and good researcher in precision manufacturing. I am confident that I would be able to make a positive contribution to ongoing research work at NTU.

█ Experiences on travelling around Taiwan.

Beautiful people and cuisine
Besides studying about technology, discovering the rich culture of Taiwan including especially the people and cuisine is always unforgettable experiences. During my short trips around Taiwan, at any time where I got lost on my way, people would approach me to see where I needed to go and if they are not able to show me the direction in English they would take me there themselves. Last summer, I had been undergoing an inpatient surgery for a week, which was a difficult time without any relatives beside me. Fortunately, during hospitalization, my lab-mates took turns to look after me in a family way. They greatly assisted me in preparing meals, washing dress, making the bed, and so on with full of enthusiasm. Apart from my parents, I had not received that overwhelming support from other people. The kind-heartedness of its people put me back to the conclusion that the most attractive aspect in Taiwan is its people.
Taiwanese cuisine is very famous for its local and mixed-culture food. Taiwanese really love “small eat”, and a lot of them, are the big thing in Taiwan. I am living in National Taiwan University Man Dorm 1. It is very near Gong Guan night market, which is well-known for delicious snacks. I have one dish that I would love to eat every week in Gong Guan night market: Stinky tofu. In Taiwan, stinky tofu is usually fried, boiled or served in a soup. It often comes with cabbages and sweet chili sauce on the side. Imagine fermented tofu for a long time and you get a very strong smell hard to describe. I would say it smells really bad. You can notice its strong smell from 500 meters away. It is bizarre but interesting flavor. However, don’t be discourage by its aroma and dare to give it a try. Let tastes it and finds it unexpectedly good despite the odor. For real, now I am in love with stinky tofu and especially its signature smell. Nowadays, the stinky tofu recipe is still evolving and is often mixed up with spices. Last week I have tried the new stinky tofu pizza, which is mouth-watering.

█ Vietnamese members of NTUT football team.

Beitou hot spring
My favorite spot in Taiwan is Beitou, a place famous for hot spring. Start from the colorful metro subway, I can feel hot spring everywhere. Walk around the Beitou Park, a beautiful museum and environmentally friendly modern library catch everyone’s eye. One interesting spot is Beitou Thermal Valley, an important source of hot spring where I can smell and see hot spring. The sight of the steam rising off the surface of the hot spring pound is surreal and breathe taking. Of course, don’t forget to take a hot spring bath, all your tiredness and pressure will gone.
It is obvious that studying in Taiwan helped me build up my great enthusiasm and commitment to research and interdisciplinary background with a wealth of experience of culture. Throughout my research career so far, I have found that research is a journey of self-discovery and self-development. Taiwan, in my eyes, is the country of boundless dreams, in which to learn surprising things out of your imagination. Thanks!

█ Members of my lab.

The brief profile---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I am currently a second year doctoral student in Mechanical Department at National Taiwan University (NTU) studying under professor Liang-Chia Chen. I am very interested in precision metrology, particularly in the measurement and analysis of critical 2-D and 3-D precision components. Before coming to NTU I completed master program (2014-2016) at Graduate Institute of Automation Technology at National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT). Before that, I received BSc in Automation Technology (2014) from Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Vietnam.


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